Devoted.Team Leadership Lessons

Bring your leadership team to new heights this fall with practical lessons that will change the way they think about leading. Written by a former youth pastor, leader and mentor to leadership teams.

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Devoted.Today Devotionals

There are no short-cuts to a deep walk with Jesus. Devoted.Today is a challenge to go deep with God; not for a day or a week but for a season. We are aiming for life change and growth that leads to action.



3 Steps

Daily Devotional  Taking time everyday to dig into the Word, following the devotional guide then taking notes & keep a journal.
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Daily Devotional

Every day in the Word, prayer and study to build a life devoted to God.

Focused Time

Coming together weekly to meet, pray and learn from each other about the things that God has downloaded to students.

Mission Adventure

Planning and preparing for a special adventure, building the team and making memories serving together.


What are people saying?

Mark has a contagious desire to see others become their best in Christ. Whether it’s leaders, young people or families, Marks passion, gifting and legacy speak to his investment and incredible insight on discipleship, he will challenge you to step out and step up...seriously, they even love him in Siberia.
— Pastor Brent Hyttenrauch
Mark Colwell has a unique ability to teach, challenge and strongly compel others toward life-changing discipleship with Jesus. He is committed to pushing leaders to lead beyond limits with intentionality, excellence, and passion.
— Pastor Lindsay Fitch
As a parent I place the greatest value on my kids spiritual development. Devoted Today provided us with a practical tool as a family to invest in our faith. The best part was the transformational impact it created through conversation and serving together.
— Cindy Rose, District Children's Director

Who is this devotional for?


We want to empower and equip today's family in their own home.  Read more about this family specific stream.

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Youth Pastors are commissioned to pastor students toward spiritual maturity. The aim of this journal is to provide a resource to enable that hope.

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This devotional is a stream designed specifically for families with pre-teen kids.  Each semester focuses on a general theme that parents can learn about with their kids.  We intentionally built this devotional to facilitate family centred small group moments once a week, where kids REVEAL to their parents what they are learning.  

We have also taken time to develop a very comprehensive parent's guide that is essential to a successful 12 week devotional journey.  We strongly encourage parents to take the necessary time to read this guide thoroughly.

To take a look at the semesters we have available, and click below to view an online preview.




This devotional is a stream prepared to equip youth pastors with a practical and meaningful tool that would enable their youth and youth leaders to take the next step in their walk with God.  This journal can also be tailored to accompany leadership lessons and principles that you are already developing in your youth.

Additionally, we have created a leader's guide that will walk you through a devotional model. It has been tried and tested in a number of groups and is quite successful.  Be sure to take the necessary time to read this guide thoroughly.

To take a look at the semesters we have available, and click below to view an online preview.